Transitioning from Summer to Fall…

This is an overly busy time of year for most. The end of August to the beginning of October brings many transitions, such as, the start of the school year, new classes, workshops, programs, projects and intentions. It is the shift from the heat of summer to the coolness and wind of fall. Lot’s of adjusting and overdoing happens! Summer vacation time becomes “hit-the-ground-running” for most.

How can Ayurveda keep us balanced and healthy, as we enter this season of busy-ness?

The qualities of summer are hot, sharp, dry, light. The qualities of fall are cold, rough, dry, light, subtle and mobile (like the wind!). During the summer we may have accumulated heat in our tissues, which causes dryness. It shows up as dry skin, hair and eyes, dehydration, constipation and some inflammatory issues. As we enter fall, its qualities can continue to aggravate what we have accumulated from the summer heat. There may be symptoms of imbalance in our tissues, organs, mind and emotions. This fall dryness and  movement of the wind, may increase inflammation, stress, anxiety, physical and mental burnout, tiredness, colds/flu, insomnia and indigestion.

Some simple Ayurvedic tips can prevent imbalances and decrease the negative effects that the summer/fall juncture can bring. This makes for a smoother, healthier transition!

~Stop, slow down and decrease multi-tasking. Take time for rest and quiet time, just being. (not on the phone, computer or TV!)

~Eat warm, fresh, whole, organic cooked foods. Avoid processed, frozen, canned and “old food”.

~Avoid cold foods, cold drinks. Drink a large glass of warm water when you arise and continue to sip warm water through out the day.

~Keep a regular routine of 3 meals/day and waking early in the morning, bedtime by 10pm.

~Eat slowly and mindfully, in a calm environment. Practice meditation, gentle/restorative yoga, walks in nature…simplify your schedule.

~Take time for self-reflection and ask, “What supports my health and well being, what does not?”. Listen to your body…


Namaste…Nancy Carlson

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