“Joyful Healing” is the expression of my work with individuals and groups who are interested in creating change that supports their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

I bring a multi-dimensional approach to my work by combining my experience as an RN in conventional western medicine with the holistic modalities of; Ayurveda, Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching, Yoga/Meditation/Pranayama and Reiki. Within all of these modalities there is a science that helps individuals connect to their “wholeness”. This integration of mind-body-spirit exists and interacts always, no matter what is the individuals condition, needs or desires.

My work is about giving people the opportunity to experience and explore that mind-body-spirit connection. By assisting and supporting individuals own personal goals, wisdom and healing ability, doors of possibility open. Then one has choices and the potential for happiness in this life, despite the individuals condition.

“The healing journey is a process of returning to our wholeness of remembering all of who we are.”
– Karin Johnston of The Healing Journey

About Nancy

About Nancy

Born in a small town outside of Albany NY, I remember always wanting to be a nurse. I attended Boston University and obtained my BSN. I have over 30+ years experience in Public and Community Health, Home Health, Hospice and In-patient Care. For the past 16 years, I have been working with clients in private practice using integrative therapies that include massage, reiki, yoga, meditation, guided imagery, visualization and cranial sacral. More recently I am incorporating Ayurveda and Health and Wellness coaching into my work. With this work, I have found that these therapies are successful in supporting clients with chronic or acute illnesses, death and dying, life changes, health prevention and maintaining health and well-being. Each of these modalities or practices, gently and subtlety supports the individuals ability to heal themselves. These integrative practices work together with traditional medical treatments, medications and therapies that the client is receiving.

I am a MA State Licensed Muscular Therapist trained at MTI in Cambridge, MA and have studied with Tracy Walton in Oncology Massage. My Reiki training has been with Libby Barnett and John Harvey Gray. As a student of Iyengar Yoga, for 30+ years, I am a experienced RYT-200 Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher, Iyengar-Style…weaving in my Kripalu Yoga and Viniyoga trainings. I have contracted with MIIA Health Benefits Trust teaching a stress reduction program of fitness, yoga and meditation (Stress Rx) in local municipalities.

Currently sole proprietor of Joyful Healing LLC where I provide Ayurvedic Consultations, individual and workshops; Health and Wellness Coaching, individual and groups; teaching yoga/pranayama/meditation workshops, Reiki Level I and II Training, Self-Care workshops and Caring for the Caregiver Retreats.

As a Board Certified Nurse Coach, through the American Holistic Nurse Association, trained by the International Nurse Coach Association (INCA), I bring 35 years of work experience to my Integrative Nurse Health, Wellness and Life Purpose Coaching work as an RN. I have an integrated relationship with conventional western medicine and complementary healing modalities. Within the coaching relationship, I envision supporting an individual’s innate wisdom to create healthy change, maintain wellness, access deeper life-purpose, value, life-satisfaction, wellness and joy in life!

I am a graduate of Kripalu’s School of Ayurveda as a Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, June 2014 and a member of NAMA (National Ayurveda Medical Association). I volunteer at www.pennybear.org as a reiki practitioner and group meditation facilitator. Poetry, hiking, yoga, my spiritual practice, travel, reading, spending time with my family and friends… continues to nourish and inspire me.



Ayurveda, Pranayama, Yoga, Meditation, Reiki

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Integrative Nurse, Health, and Wellness Coaching

An Integrative Nurse Coach (INC) provides support and structure for a client who is interested in pursuing wellness, adjusting to and/or making life changes, navigating their health care, working with or preventing chronic disease, and dealing with a health and/or life challenge.

Coaching works within a therapeutic, collaborative and caring environment which facilitates and encourages a client’s own process of beliefs and their receptivity for optimal wellness in mental, physical and emotional health, spiritual well-being, relationships and environmental life style. Each of us have within us all the resources to create change and motivation for oneself.

The Nurse Coach is not a therapist and doesn’t ‘fix’ the client’s problems. Their role is to assist the client with their own exploration of actions and lifestyle adaptations that bring about specific, measurable and realistic change. The change is therefore meaningful and important to the client.

The Nurse Coach provides specific tools that help inspire the client, such as, inquiry, awareness practices, imagery and information and strategies. Also bringing their professional expertise, integrity, and accountability of medical, emotional assessment knowledge and the ability to access resources, information and make referrals.

Are you feeling stuck about “what is the next step” of a process or situation you are in or contemplating? Are you asking, “how do I start, what can I do”? Wherever you are at, coaching can help with clarifying intentions and purpose and assist in discovery of “the next steps…”

To learn more about Integrative Health, Wellness and Life Purpose Coaching, please email Nancy.

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